Brown trout: A British import.

Destinations Tirthan river in Kulu valley, other tributaries of the Beas, Sangla valley in Himachal Pradesh, Sindh and Lidder rivers in Kashmir.

GoonchThe largest of these ever caught was recorded at 112kg in the Pong reservoir in Himachal Pradesh. Once hooked, they are known to head straight to the bottom of the river, and can be extremely difficult to pull out.

Destinations Ramganga river in Corbett Tiger Reserve, the streams of Himachal Pradesh, Jia Bhoroli river in Assam.

Mahseer Endemic to India, and similar to the carp, the fish is regarded as the fiercest of all game fishes. The golden mahseer (Tor putitora) found in the Himalayas is smaller than its cousin, the Deccan mahseer (Tor Khudree), found in the Deccan rivers.

Destinations Ramganga river, the Cauvery river around Bangalore rural district, Jia Bhoroli and Subansiri rivers in Assam, Kameng and Siang rivers in Arunachal Pradesh, the Saryu-Kali confluence at Pancheshwar in Uttarakhand.

Tengra These catfish can attain a length of more than one metre.

Destinations Rivers and reservoirs of Himachal Pradesh.


Barramundi Variously known as khajura, bhekti, komat or chonak this estuary fish has a flattish face, thick shoulders and propeller-like fintails. Along the Indian coast, some barramundis have weighed as much as 43kg.

Rawas Also known as threadfin salmon, Indian salmon or blue bullet, this fish has a bluish-silver tinge to it. Catches of 13.5kg are not uncommon. Commonly found around Gujarat and Karwar.

Mangrove Jack The predator is locally known as ‘tam’ and is of a reddish colour. Its jaw is full of sharp, spiny teeth. The largest around the coast have been recorded at around 12kg.

Giant Trevally Locally known as ‘konkar’, the species can grow to weigh as much as 90kg. However, along the Indian coast, specimens weighing 1-50kg are common.