How to avoid death by powerpoint

How to avoid death by powerpoint


An open source presentation viewer tool, this adds slick alpha-blended page transitions and eye candy slide effects to your presentation. You can focus the attention of your audience on a specific part of the current slide with “draw anywhere" highlight boxes and dynamic spotlight effects that darken and blur the rest of the screen. This free utility is not a slide editor or creator; to deploy it, you need to export a presentation to it via PDF or image files.

Presentation Zen

Perhaps the best site you could ever come across on the fine art of presentation making, this is a one-man (Garr Reynold) blog on issues related to professional presentation design. Though updates are a tad few and far between, whatever is out there is worth its weight in gold. It documents the techniques and presentation styles of various marketing gurus—the method of Stanford’s professor Lessig, the magic of marketing maven Seth Godin, the mystique of Apple Fellow Guy Kawasaki and more.

It tells you where to get good images—from inexpensive sources such as and to free resources such as, and

Pointers to free fonts (, clip art and quotations havens are all in there.

iPod presentations

This is such a simple idea you’ll wonder why you never thought of before. To run a slide show on an iPod, all you need to do is convert it into a sequence of JPEG images and dump them on your iPod. Scratching your brow wondering why would you want to ever want to run a presentation off the teeny-weeny screen of an iPod? Many a time, for an umpteen number of reasons, you may not be able/want to carry your laptop with you.

And don’t forget you can always hook your iPod to a projector or TV. Okay, now to stage your power presentation on your little pod, open it in PowerPoint on your PC and click on File > Save As. In the Save dialogue, select the JPEG file format and hit Save.

Upon being queried on whether you want to export every slide or just the current one, choose Every Slide. Now move these JPEGs to your iPod systematically and you’re ready to go.


A nifty PowerPoint tool to centre that attention of your audience by pinpointing any spot on the screen. Once activated, it allows you to zoom in on a specific area of the screen, move around while zoomed and also annotate or draw on the zoomed image. Works on tablet PCs and all flavours of Windows.

Croaker’s tips

An excellent presentation by professional consultant Alexei Kapterev (nicknamed, The Croaker), it tells you how a set of seemingly structured slides can go askew.

And it shows you what you can do to make your slide show stand out. No audio here but the slides speak for themselves. Essential viewing for both neophytes and nonchalant veterans.


Managed by Dr Rashmi Sinha and Amit Ranjan, SlideShare claims to be “the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and slideshows".

Quite like YouTube, this free website lets you upload your PowerPoint, OpenOffice or PDF files, tag them, embed them into your blog or website, browse and view others’ presentations as well as comment on individual slides. The maximum file size allowed is 30MB.

To facilitate further sharing of your ideas with the global community, the transcripts of your presentation are indexed by Internet search engines and show up in search results.

SlideShare also allows for private sharing. You can control who will watch what and where by keeping presentations private with contacts, sending business presentations to select clients or colleagues and even embedding them on company intranets.

Clutter Cloak

Yet another anti-distraction tool—not just for PowerPoint but also software and Web demos. To concentrate spectator attention to a particular spot, Clutter Cloak conveniently darkens everything on your screen except for the area of the desktop your mouse pointer is lurking on.

So, you don’t have to worry about Web ad diversions, toolbar clutter, or irrelevant information onscreen. It is a gratis download for Windows XP but needs the free .NET 2.0 framework to run on. Among other features it boasts are a video/photo mode.


Create, collaborate, show and share presentations right off the Web with these full blown, free online presentation building programs.

Google presentations:



Zoho Show: