Cross, known for its writing instruments, has now added a smart wallet to its arsenal of products. The Grabado Tech+ looks very similar to standard wallets, but has an integrated tracking system that syncs with your smartphone.

The good stuff

The wallet is handcrafted, and made from soft Spanish calf leather. There is plenty of space inside—multiple credit card pockets, two compartments for currency notes, one for coins, and some pockets to hold folded bits of paper and cards.

Once it is set up, the Track Location feature keeps tabs on your wallet—preventing loss or theft. Users can also set three different kinds of alarms based on how far the wallet is from the smartphone—5m, more than 23m, or more than 33m away. These distances would vary in the real world, with walls and other objects getting in the way, but you will essentially be notified if you have absent-mindedly left your wallet somewhere. Or if it has been picked up by someone. If the connection is broken during tracking, the map in the Cross Tracker app will pinpoint the last known location of the wallet.

The not-so-good

The only niggle is that the circular design of the wireless tracker is a bit big—about 20% larger than a 5 coin. A smart thief will rummage through the contents and toss the tracker in the bush. You can try hiding the tracker by sliding it into the tight space behind the coin compartment. The cell lasts about a year, but we would like the app to give better advance notifications suggesting battery replacement.

Talk plastic

The Cross Grabado Tech+ costs 4,999.