The Alternative Amit Trivedi Playlist

To accompany our profile of Amit Trivedi, we put together a list of underappreciated tracks by the composer

It’s much too easy to string together a bunch of Trivedi hits. We assembled a list of underappreciated tracks by the composer instead.

1. Kyun Na

What’s most remarkable about this MTV Coke Studio track is the meshing of diverse instruments and voices: the vocals of Trivedi, Karthik, Dhruv Sangari and Chandana Bala, the acoustic guitar runs of Warren Mendonsa, vocal percussion paired with beat boxing, Carnatic violin and a lot more. (Listen here)

2. Monta Re

Amitabh Bhattacharya’s gently prodding lyrics and Swanand Kirkire’s vocals tease out the subtle Bengali touches in this charming track from Lootera. (Listen here)

3. Allah Meherbaan

The Ghanchakkar soundtrack yielded one of the weirder devotional numbers you’ll hear, with vocalist Altaf Raja attacking a club-friendly beat with his normal gusto. (Listen here)

4. Kikli Kalerdi

Fleet-footed EDM meets Punjabi folk in this mash-up from Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana. Honey Singh raps about scoring and morning-after pills but the song belongs to Pinky Maidasani’s snarling vocal performance and Trivedi’s soaring one. (Click here for the song)

5. Haara

This dark, dissonant, fractured track from Trivedi’s first release, Aamir, gave listeners a preview as to what lay ahead on Dev.D. (Listen here)

6. Pardesi

Not the version heard in Dev.D but instead a slowed-down lounge-jazz interpretation of the same, from Trivedi’s MTV Unplugged set. (Listen here)

7. Lagan Lagi Re

Shreya Ghoshal handles the verses on this number from the Michael Winterbottom film Trishna but the real emotional toll is extracted by the chorus, sung with quiet heartbreak by Kavita Seth. (Listen here)

8. Aali Re

There are louder songs on the No One Killed Jessica soundtrack but this is the most aggressive. Trivedi told us it was based not just on the abrasive character Rani Mukherjee played in the movie but on the actor herself. (Click here for the song)