Cooking with Lounge | Choco-cheese delight

Cooking with Lounge | Choco-cheese delight


Serves 6


Pie base

300g flour

150g sugar

150g butter

2 egg yolks

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Pie filling

100g cocoa powder

200g fresh cream

150g icing sugar

100g ricotta

7 eggs


For the pie base, mix flour, butter, sugar, egg yolks and water and make a soft dough. Rest the dough in the fridge for 20 minutes. Roll it and shape it in a pie mould.

Next, make the filling by mixing cocoa powder, cream, icing sugar, eggs and cheese. Pour this mixture into the pie base. Take care not to fill to the brim. Bake at 220 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes.

Once the pie has cooled down, cut it into wedge-shaped pieces. You can garnish with mint, berry reduction sauce and lime chips (baked lime slices).