More often than not, the way you begin anything new usually determines its outcome. It’s no different with your day. The right start can put you in a good mood and help you handle stressful situations. Mornings also offer a chance to reset your body and mind.

Seema Sondhi, founder of Delhi-based The Yoga Studio, gives us tips on how to make the mornings really count.

Be grateful

“As soon as I put my feet down from the bed, I am grateful." Being grateful, she says, is the simplest way to be more positive. “As you turn this into a habit, over time you learn how to transform pessimistic attitudes into a more optimistic, healthy outlook."

Leave yesterday behind

“Each morning is an opportunity to start anew." Instead of brooding over yesterday, use those learnings to deal with the same situation differently. “This will also prevent you from worrying about the past."

Build a ritual

“Once you get involved in the madness of the day, you won’t have time for self-care." Sondhi uses her mornings well, drinking warm water, eating flaxseed, turmeric and ghee, meditating and doing yoga. You could do something as simple as taking a short walk and ensuring you eat a nutritious breakfast. “Mornings are the best time to take care of ourselves because our mind is fresh and body more receptive."