Les Boukakes

2 April

The band Les Boukakes, which will be performing on Saturday, has participated in a number of festivals, including the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, the Paléo Festival in Geneva and the Amsterdam Roots Festival. They were nominated for the BBC Awards for World Music 2007. At the event, watch Thierry Chadelle on guitar and mandolin, Pascal Bonnafous on drums and djembe, Laurent Durafourd on bass, Eric Manchon on samplers and darbouka, and Salim Maziz on vocals. And hear Karkabou mix rock ‘n’ roll, electronica and Algerian Rai music.

8.30pm. B-Flat, 776, 100-Foot Road, Indira Nagar (42414000). Charges, Rs400.



6 April

Sciuscià: This De Sica film intertwines the lives of two shoeshine boys.

6.45pm. Suchitra Film Society, 36, 9th Main, Banashankari 2nd Stage (26711785)


Open studio

1-15 April

Lakisha Niwanthi Fernando and Thisath Thoradeniya, two artists from Sri Lanka, are in residency at Studio Gallery, and are expected to be joined by local artists for an open studio, and a show, towards the end of April. This residency is part of the ongoing Sethusamudram Project, a three-year-long series of collaborations between 1, Shanthi Road and the Theertha International Artists Collective.

10am-8pm. 1, Shanthi Road, Shanthi Nagar (9880227706). For details, log on to


Around Town

Somersault in Muddy Waters—A Creative Journey

5 April

Mumbai-based artist Atul Dodiya will deliver the next talk in the ongoing CoLab-Goethe Lecture Series on ‘Practices in Contemporary Art and Architecture’, at the Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan. Dodiya is known for his attempt to meld images and references from vastly disparate cultures and contexts into single frames. The talk is open to the public.

6.30pm. 716, CMH Road, Indira Nagar, 1st Stage (25205308).For details, contact the institute or log on to


Around town

Photography workshop

2-3 April

Snapshot: Poochi Venkat will hold a photography workshop.

10.30am-5.30pm. DakshinaChitra, Muttukadu, East Coast Road (24462435). Charges, 1,000, inclusive of refreshment and transport from and to the venue (pick-up from Madras Craft Foundation, Adyar).

Photography, art and scrapbook workshop

11-22 April

Kartwheel, a play gym for children, will conduct a photography, art and scrapbook workshop where children will be taught the basics of photography, along with yoga. At the end of the workshop, children will make a scrapbook to display their work.

10am-1pm. Kartwheel, 21/1, Lady Madhavan Road, Mahlingapuram (near Ayyappan Temple), Nungambakkam (9600015074). Charges, 500. Register before 8 April.

Andhra food festival

4-9 April

Restaurant Caramel presents authentic Andhra specialities at this lunch buffet. The culinary treats include royyala veppudu, Guntur kodi koora, gongura Pappu, gongura mamasam, guthu vengaya koora and khubani ka meetha.

Noon-3pm. Caramel, Asiana Hotel, 1/238, Semmencherry (67411000). Charges, 750 per person (taxes extra).


Parsi food festival

Till 3 April

Samudra at the Trident Hilton is hosting a Parsi food festival. The specialities include ‘patra ni macchi’, ‘dahi bheeda’, ‘mutton kebabs’, ‘dhansak’ and more.

Noon-3pm. Trident Hilton, 1/24, GST Road (22344747). Charges, 1,250 onwards per person (taxes extra).


Mysticism and Modernity in Landscape Art

Till 9 April

Gallery Sri Parvati is presenting an exhibition of artworks from across the country . The artists taking part include Amitabh Sengupta, Anita Bhattacharya, Arputharani Sengupta, Benedict Skhemlang Hynniewta, Tapas Konar, V. Ramesh and Vipta S. Kapadia.

11am-7pm. Gallery Sri Parvati, 28/160, Eldams Road (24353341).

Heart of Sculpture

Till 22 April

The Forum Art Gallery is presenting an exhibition of contemporary Indian sculptural idioms displaying an engaging interplay of narratives that tap a circuit of limitless and boundless creativity. Sculptures by Dimpy Menon, Elanchezhiyan, A.V. Ilango, S. Nandagopal, P.S. Nandan, Shivarama Chary, Shalini Biswajit, Srinivas Reddy and Rohini Reddy are on display. Various media, such as bronze, fibreglass, granite, stainless steel and cast glass, have been used.

11am-6pm. Forum Art Gallery, 57, 5th Street, Padmanabha Nagar, Adyar (42115596).

By Karuna Amarnath



Super Power

1-16 April

It is a group show by four American artists—Carrie Fonder from Detroit, Rebecca Layton from Austin, Jenny Mullins from Washington and Lily Stockman from Los Angeles—who have been living and working in India as Fulbright Scholars for the last few months. This exhibition is an attempt to move beyond the commonly held stereotypes about India as a land of elephants and tigers, princes and snake charmers, spices and spirituality.

11am-7pm (Sundays closed). Gallery Threshold, F-213A, Lado Sarai (41829181).

Chromatophobia: The Fear of Money

4-30 April

In this exhibition of sculptures, L.N. Tallur uses classical icons to comment on greed in modern society and politics. He has fit a concrete globe inside a Nataraja bronze frame, and made Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, grind machines and carry concrete.

10am-6pm (Sundays closed). Nature Morte, A-1, Neeti Bagh (41740215).


Quebec Film Utsav

1-3 April

Films from the Canadian province will be screened at the Quebec Film Utsav. All of them have English subtitles. The schedule is as follows:

1 April

I Remember: A comic drama set in the period when Quebec was led by premier Maurice Duplessis. 1 hour, 28 minutes.

Mommy is at the Hairdresser: A coming-of-age story set in 1966, about siblings Élise, Coco and Benoît. 1 hour, 39 minutes.

Seducing Dr Lewis: An old-fashioned communal comedy. 1 hour, 48 minutes.

2 April

The Dog who Stopped the War: An ice castle is the grand prize in a battle between two gangs of children. 1 hour, 28 minutes.

Continental: A mystery about four people whose lives are affected by a man’s disappearance. 1 hour, 43 minutes

Crazy: A zippy, colourful coming-of-age tale. 1 hour, 30 minutes.

3 Apri

Sticky Fingers: Six gangsters steal $2 million. All but one are arrested and serve time in jail. Upon their release, they have to take the Camino pilgrimage in Spain to prove that they’ve reformed their ways. 1 hour, 48 minutes.

I Killed My Mother: A film about the rocky relationship between a 16-year-old Montreal resident and his mother. 1 hour, 36 minutes.

The Fight: A 12-year-old boy from a rough neighbourhood struggles to keep his head above water. 1 hour, 27 minutes.

3pm onwards. Alliance Française de Delhi, 72, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate (43500200).


What Was Home

Till 28 May

Home away from home : An exhibition of photographs, What Was Home, by Dileep Prakash includes images of Oak Grove School (down) and Lawrence School, Sanawar.

11am-7pm (Sundays closed). Photoink, MGF, Hyundai Building, 1, Jhandewalan, Faiz Road (28755940).


Kodály String Quartet

6 April

The Delhi Music Society and the Neemrana Music Foundation will present a performance by the renowned Kodály String Quartet. Formed in Budapest in 1966, the group exemplifies the highest standards of the rich Western classical tradition in Hungary. The Kodály Quartet’s numerous recordings include the monumental undertaking of the complete cycles of Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert. The current members of the quartet are Attila Falvay (violin), Erika Tóth (violin), János Fejérvári (viola) and György Éder (violin-cello).

6.30pm. Teen Murti auditorium, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Teen Murti House (23014475).


The Story of Ram and Sita

6-7 April

The Ramayan is discovered anew almost every year—not bad for a story written over two millennia ago. Last year, Mani Ratnam’s Raavan questioned our treatment of the super-villain by obliquely comparing him with marginalized Indian tribals. This year, director Rudradeep Chakrabarti, who has earlier reinvented mythological characters, presents, in The Story of Ram and Sita, a musical with a rock twist. The show is being billed as “the first ever rock musical based on traditional Indian mythology".

7.30pm. Kamani Auditorium, 1 Copernicus Marg, Mandi House. Tickets, 100, 200, 300 and 500, available at the venue and on


8 April

Mirza Ghalib’s 19th century clothes, tehzeeb and persona all lent themselves to a great deal of humour in M. Sayeed Alam’s successful play Ghalib in New Delhi. But Alam’s Ghalib, again with the Urdu poet as its protagonist, is no comedy. If anything, it’s a solemn theatrical biography, where Ghalib’s life unfolds through a series of short and not-so-short flashbacks. The play starts off with Tom Alter, pitch-perfect as a decrepit and hoary Ghalib, speaking to his biographer and close associate, Altaf Hussein Hali.

7.30pm. Shri Ram Centre auditorium, 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg (23714307). Tickets, 100, 200, 300 and 500. For details, call 9810255291, 9810460366, or email


Around Town

Prison Abolition and the Challenges of Feminism

4 April

Professor and activist Angela Davis will give a talk on the subject. At college in Brandeis University, US, Davis was taught by legendary Marxist professor Herbert Marcuse, who called her “the best student I ever had in the more than 30 years I have been teaching". In 1963, Davis began her doctoral research on Kant’s analysis of violence in the French Revolution. That was when white supremacists bombed a church in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, and killed four girls, including one Davis had known. She abandoned her doctorate, left Paris and returned to the US to join the radical movement.

3.30pm. Convention Centre, opposite Art Faculty, Chhatra Marg, Delhi University.



Beneath the Surface

Till 14 April

Gallery Sanskriti is presenting recent paintings of city-based artist Nobina Gupta. Each work represents a series of related compositions and images, based on human emotions and elements of nature. Creating paper construction and ink installations, the artist paints intricate and vibrant portraits.

11am-8pm Gallery Sanskriti, 5C, Alipore Park Road (24484925/24497931).

Around town


Till 3 April

Gnocchi : Savour Italian food at The Park

12.30pm-12.30am. The Bridge, The Park (22499000). A la carte menu, 325-825 per dish (taxes extra).


Bandish Fusion—Live in Concert

2 April

The Siddha Group, a real estate firm, in association with The Calcutta School of Music, will present the concert to mark the 25th anniversary of the Indo-jazz fusion band Karma. Bandish Fusion is a musical project by renowned tabla maestro Subhen Chatterjee and his band Karma. The band combines Indian music with elements of contemporary jazz, Afro-Cuban and Mediterranean music. The concert will be hosted by the Calcutta Classical Guitar Society.

7.30pm. Gyan Manch, 11, Pretoria Street. For details, log on to, entry passes, call 9748195596.



7 April

Eso Natak Shikhi—a Kolkata-based theatre group working mainly in slums and with underprivileged children—will present the Hindi version of Tapas Das’ Bengali play Dalchhut, meaning pioneer. The play is about four streetboys—a pickpocket, a beggar, a cobbler and a hawker. One day, a fifth boy joins the group. He makes them introspect on their lives and the four boys start dreaming, and desiring the little things that “regular" children take for granted.

6pm. Girish Mancha, 76/1, Bagbazar. For details, call 9831393313.



American Documentary Film Festival 2011

Till 5 April

The US consulate general in Kolkata, in association with the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre (EZCC), Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute and the NSHM knowledge campus, will organize a documentary film festival. Ten American documentaries, released between 2008-10, will be shown at three different venues. They are ‘Inside Job’, ‘Bronx Princess’, ‘How to Hold a Flag’, ‘New Muslim Cool’, ‘No Subtitles Needed’, ‘Soundtrack for a Revolution’, ‘Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo’, ‘A Village called Versailles’, ‘Which Way Home’ and ‘Whiz Kids’.

Timings and venues vary. For details, call 39846325 or log on to

By Indranil Bhoumik



By George

2 April

The eccentricities of the English language so fascinated Irish playwright and critic George Bernard Shaw that the protagonists in his plays often quibbled over grammar and pronunciation. This week, Naseeruddin Shah’s production By George will showcase a few of Shaw’s works, such as the short comedy Village Wooing, the one-act play How He Lied to Her Husband, and the poem English Pronunciation. The play uses the music and costumes of the 1930s and 1940s. 2 hours.

7pm. Experimental Theatre, National Centre for the Performing Arts, NCPA Marg, near Hilton Towers, Nariman Point (66223737). Tickets, 200, 250 and 300.

Around town

Bombay—A Perspective of the City From Above

5 April

Capturing the city : Jehangir Sorabjee’s updated Above Bombay is out.

6pm. Jnanapravaha, Queens Mansion, Third floor, near Cathedral School, Fort (22072974).


Mad Stupid Party

1 April

DJ Pearl, Nikhil Chinapa and Janux are throwing an April Fool’s Day party full of grooving house and psytrance. But the trio aren’t just banking on their musical smarts to ensure a good time. The venue will have wacky decor. Clubbers are encouraged to dress in equally ridiculous costumes brought from home or borrowed from the Stupid Makeover booth at the venue.

10pm. Blue Frog, New Mahalaxmi Silk Mills Compound, opposite Empire Mills, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (40332300). Charges, 500.


Propositions—On Text and Space II

Till 26 April

Expect a room full of bright tubelights, video projections and garbled sounds coming out of suspended speakers in theatre director Zuleikha Chaudhari’s new installation. The work interprets German playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig’s Before/Afterwards, a play with 51 scenes that capture incidents from the lives of people living in a hotel. The fragments bring into focus everyday characters—an old woman evaluates her body in the mirror and a young woman contemplates cheating on her husband. Through this project, Chaudhari attempts to explore the interaction between the audience, the text and the performance space in the absence of a performer.

11am-7pm (Tuesday-Saturday) 2-7pm (Mondays). Project 88, BMP Building, NA Sawant Marg, near Colaba Fire Station, Colaba (22810066).



3 April

Thane-based classical vocalist Pooja Athavale-Bakre, 25, is being trained by Madhukar Joshi, a veteran singer who has had training in the Gwalior, Jaipur and Agra gharanas from her father Gajananrao. This concert will feature Athavale-Bakre, city-based vocalist Arvind Mulgaonkar, and a solo tabla recital by Vinayak Kulkarni, a long-time pupil of the late Amir Hussain Khan.

10am. Karnataka Sangha, Dr Vishveshawarayya Samarak Mandir, CHM Marg, Matunga-West (24377022).

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