India’s first travelling animation festival, the Silver Salt Animation Festival (SSAF), is coming to Mumbai on 10 April.

Fifty animation films will be screened at the two-day festival, which will also see workshops being organized at the YB Chavan Centre. The festival which began in Pune on 6 February, has already toured Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. The awards will be announced in Mumbai; the festival will then travel to smaller cities in May.

Students attending Silver Salt Festival in Pune.

The festival will feature several films animation enthusiasts may not want to miss. For instance, Iranian director Mashallah Mohammadi’s Human Beings, Apt Studio’s This is Where we Live and Ganesh Gothwal and Rahul Jogale’s Curious Todd and the Mystery Dream. The festival will also include The Lion at Home made by eight-year-old students of Bricknell Primary School in London, and Immersion, Emergence by eight 12-year-olds from Titus Salt School, London.

Mhatre says his aim in personally funding a travelling animation festival is to change the perception people have about animation. “People associate animation with 2D and 3D but there is more to it. For instance, there is cut-out animation, clay-mation, silhouette animation and experimental animation. We’re trying to promote that animation is not just Disney and Cartoon Network, it is much more."

Says Mhatre of the plan for May: “We will be covering cities like Kolhapur, Sangli, Osmanabad. There are a lot of enthusiasts in these places. When we conducted the screenings in Pune, students from Solapur and Daund had come for the festival. I believe that the festival should reach them instead of they reaching the festival."

Animation students may want to look out for the workshop “How to make a professional portfolio", scheduled for 11 April.

A note of caution: Children below 15 years of age will not be allowed for the screenings. “Not because there is any adult content in the animation but because the films are conceptually complex," says Mhatre.

The Silver Salt Animation Festival will begin at 10am at YB Chavan Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai on 10 April. Entry is free but you need to register online. For details, log on to -