It is bigger, has more, but the Mint Lounge DNA is intact.

We are for the same sort of reader we had launched for in 2007—people who are curious about culture, society and subcultures and want to know how others are thinking, enjoying or challenging and changing the world. If you are a regular reader, you can identify a Mint Lounge story or writer at first glance.

But we are more concise than ever before. The long narrative stories and profiles that explore the world at a leisurely pace—cover stories and two-pagers Mint Lounge has been known for—coexist with short, sharply reported pieces. Opinion gets distributed through sections across the paper—a new column on business travel and another on sexuality and gender launch this week. There’s more that’s new, as you will discover in the coming weeks, including a page on the rare earth you are yet to explore.

You are already familiar with the two columnists we are starting the broadsheet with. Priya Ramani is a reader magnet. She combines commentary, research and reporting, and a provocative voice—in the age of hyper-manufactured opinion, a columnist gold. Natasha Badhwar, who has been writing the column “My Daughters’ Mum" for more than five years, increasingly speaks to more and more readers. She cares about the really small, intimate things that matter so much in our lives, in her own beautiful, left-brained way.

To make space for more reporters, more reviews and features on a variety of subjects, we had to say goodbye to some columnists, including Sohaila Abdulali and Aakar Patel. Shoba Narayan’s new column, “The Better Life", moves to Mint. Patel’s columns have added immensely to Mint Lounge’s journey for eight years. He got us love as well as brickbats—as any original thinker ought to.

In the age of virtual reality journalism and highly sophisticated coding that go into presenting stories, reading a magazine in print is for the really lazy day, when you want an old habit to take over. And data analytics indicates that for most urban dwellers, those days are Saturdays and Sundays. I believe the really cool people shut down their smartphones and devices, at least for most part of their weekends.

In 10 years we have crossed many milestones. This is a big one. There isn’t a doubt that the next decade will be print journalism’s last hurrah. Let’s savour these years.

Meanwhile, Mint Lounge writers are more active than ever before on Look for reported stories and informed commentary on culture, books, lifestyle, design, style, personal tech, travel, food, sports, nature online—things that make life enjoyable, ideas that listicles and “how to" pieces can’t encompass.