With Casino Royale , Daniel Craig silenced the naysayers with his intense portrayal of the iconic British spy. The movie went on to gross nearly $600 million (around Rs3,000 crore), and firmly placed Craig as among the best in the Bond franchise. Back this month with Quantum of Solace ( QoS ), Craig spoke to Lounge over email about performing his own stunts, picking his successor and why Sean Connery remains his favourite Bond actor. Edited excerpts:

Was doing QoS easier than Casino Royale, now that you have proven yourself as James Bond?

Casino Royale and QoS both needed equal amounts of hard work and training. QoS is packed with extreme action sequences so it was definitely a challenging job for me. But certainly, being a part of the Bond film series, it gives me immense pleasure to prove my action skills and perform. The backbone of every Bond film is the elegant action sequences, cars, gizmos and gadgets. So making them look real and enjoyable for the audience is definitely a challenge since I had to live up to the hype and expectations created for this film.

Did you perform a lot of your own stunts?

In QoS, there were a number of stunts and while performing these, I had to bear cuts and bruises on my body. I chopped off the end of my finger and I lost the power in the finger but it’s really healed amazingly. There’s a small scar. I slammed a door on Mathieu’s (Amalric, playing the rival character Dominic Greene) face so I deserved it. Also I got eight stitches on my face from a kick, but it was nothing really. I got back to work immediately.

The ladies’ man aspect of Bond was a bit underplayed in Casino Royale . Is it the same in QoS ?

Daniel Craig as James Bond

In QoS, you won’t be disappointed by James Bond as his on-screen persona still enjoys the ecstasies of life, like the company of gorgeous women.

You have one more Bond movie left in your contract—will you extend it or have you started thinking of a successor? And who do you think should be the next James Bond?

Definitely. I won’t mind getting into the shoes of James Bond one more time, as long as my audiences enjoy watching me in this persona.

Whether I should play him or some other actor portrays him, it hardly makes a difference; what is more important is the fact that the character should retain the enigma and hype associated with it at all times. Making a personal choice for this character is a tough thing but I believe Brad Pitt would be a good choice since he will give a new look to this character and will definitely retain the popularity among the audience.

Who is your favourite Bond so far, and why?

All the actors who have portrayed this awesome character are enormously talented people so it’s difficult to pick and choose one of them. But since I do have to choose, I believe Sean Connery did a wonderful job and elegantly justified the character.

What other projects are you involved in at the moment?

There are many projects in the pipeline including The Jacket, opposite Keira Knightley and Adrien Brody, and Steven Spielberg’s Vengeance.

Quantum of Solace will release this Friday.