Deep focus

Deep focus

The Photographer’s Guild of India (PGI) hosts a show, Exhibit A, where personal projects of the country’s leading advertising photographers will be displayed. It’s a smorgasbord, of ideas, vision and technical processes—without a single curatorial focus. Experimental, personal and yet affordable, the exhibition brings together a variety of sensibilities under one roof.

‘Bekal’ by Jaideep Oberoi, priced at Rs45,000

While some of them have captured trivial sights with an edgy twist, a few have concentrated on the process of producing the final image.

Bhairavi Parekh processes negatives of some night shots taken of a landscape at Saswad, near Pune, on textured archival papers to create a hazy, dreamlike quality in her images. Jaideep Oberoi works with the arduous Palladium printing method whereby the negative of an image is placed on archival paper coated with photosensitive chemicals such as Sodium Chloropalladite and the image is exposed to sunlight. “The end result is unpredictable because a slight change of natural conditions can alter it," says Oberoi. He was drawn to the medium because he could improvise and give the image the creative direction he wanted, manually. Sameer Parekh’s work is a series done in New York City. He captured ordinary objects at his loft and on the roads of the city whenever he spotted an interesting play of reflected light and shadow.

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Exhibit A at Tao Art Gallery, Worli, Mumbai; from 5 September to 12 September.