First, Soak by Ravi Bajaj is not a wine-only bar. You can opt for whiskies, malts, beers, cocktails and cognac. Since this reviewer is not really a wine aficionado, I will refrain from commenting on the excellence of the wine list (or the lack thereof) except that it looked really small. While there is wine from France, Italy, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand and India, one cannot order all varieties by the glass (red wines: eight listed, of which five can be ordered by glass; white wines: 10, of which four can be ordered by glass). Our table attendant was knowledgeable and could make suggestions based on what we wanted from the limited selection. The bar is small, intimate and quiet. The music is not feet-thumping dance tracks but mellow, allowing people to hold a conversation without having to shout to be heard. The seating is comfortable, especially if you bag one of the high-back plum sofas.

Limited choice: The wine selection at Soak by Ravi Bajaj is not extensive.

For nibbles, the menu offers a cheese and charcuterie section, a tapas section and a Piedina bar. We tried the Herb-Crusted Goat Cheese with a Splash of Maple Syrup (Rs390, a good-sized portion) from the cheese and charcuterie section and it was divine. The cheese was slightly tangy with just a drizzle of maple syrup. We had the option of coating our cheese bite with extra syrup (on the plate) if we wanted. The Spicy Chorizo with Red Pepper (Rs430 for four pieces) from the Piedina bar was misleading because the chorizo (hardly there) and red bell pepper were not used as toppings as indicated but placed between two pieces of flat grilled bread. I could only taste the red pepper.

The most expensive white wine per glass is the Italian Pinot Grigio Danzante, priced at Rs460 for one serving, and the Malbec Norton Reserva from Argentina in the red wine section costs Rs475 per glass.

Service charges and taxes are extra. No reservations are required at Soak, which is open from noon to midnight daily.