Dining at the yum yum tree

Dining at the yum yum tree

Varun and Neeta Tuli’s design for the Yum Yum Tree in New Delhi turns the stereotypical images of Chinese restaurant decor on its head. Divided into three distinct sections—dining, grill and bar—each has its own identity. Yum Yum means celebration in Chinese, and this space celebrates detail.


Location: Friends Colony, New Delhi

Area: 10,000 sq. ft (7,000 sq. ft carpet area) spread over one level

Seating capacity: 175

Concept and design: Varun Tuli

Space and element detailing: House of Uber

Interior designer: Neeta Tuli


Lights: LED

Chandeliers: Pink and white acrylic flowers on black metal

Ceiling: Vinyl

Screens: Teak carved using computerized numerical cutting (CNC) technology

Stencil cut-outs: Glass

Grill area ceiling: Green velvet wallpaper with patterns created using CNC technology

Bar face: Black granite hand-etched with the signature pattern

Wine cellar ceiling: Slate


1. The arched ceiling of the central dining area is in vinyl. Carved teak-wood screens were created using computerized numerical cutting technology to ensure consistency. Corian fixtures serve as art during the day and wall lights in the evenings.

2. The semi-private alcove in subdued tones of dark teak, white and fuschia is a more intimate space.

3. The teak-wood tables have handcrafted inlay work.

4. The grill area has a conveyor-belt table and artwork by Manish Arora.

5. The 30ft bar counter is in black granite. The velvet ceiling and bar face have similar patterns, expressed on two different mediums.

Text by Sonali Mathur

Photographs by Ravi Dhingra





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