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Download Central | Astrid



There’s always a lot of things to do at work and at home, and we often lose track of time. Astrid is a free application for the popular Google Android platform, which should help you organize things a little better by keeping track of things to do.

The app starts with a blank list and a button and textbox to add new tasks. It’s only when you edit the new task that you find its hidden secrets. Tags can be allotted to tasks and priorities set along with reminders when deadlines approach. Of course, alerts can be disabled during specific hours, which is handy, unless you want to be reminded to complete a task in the middle of the night. Apart from exporting to several formats, it’ll also sync with online services such as Remember the Milk ( if you’d like to collaborate with others or plan your schedule on a PC. Older tasks can be cleaned automatically to keep things tidy. The app is a must-have.