Free for all

Free for all

Clipboard Help+Spell

Windows versions come and go, but the clipboard service remains mediocre at best. This text-based clipboard utility extends the ability of your Windows to store every item that you copy for easy viewing, modification and search. You can use it for keeping and organizing hierarchical notes—searching, sorting, filtering by text, date, etc.—at will. You can type/edit clipboard text directly in here—a button pastes the required selection into the expected program. All this, plus a number of other features such as spell check, hotkeys for common functions, and text formatting.

MailStore Home

How many times have you wanted a backup for all your email but never managed it because you didn’t know how to go about it? Well, this desktop email import, search and archival-friendly freeware utility is your answer. With it, you can build backup for your mail across multiple applications—Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Exchange, as well as POP/IMAP accounts—into one safe archive. And, if you want, you can also burn a backup on DVD/CD. You can access/read the mail archive within the MailStore interface, search for it with keywords and even export messages. And best of all, there are no proprietary formats—everything is MIME-compatible.


It’s called Poweroff. But this smart utility can restart, log off, power off, suspend, hibernate, lock and also switch on other Poweroff-powered PCs. And it can do all this, remotely as well as locally, totally pre-scheduled or instantaneously after a particular process/program concludes.


Another free shutdown application, executes some of the above and also performs tasks such as capturing your desktop, executing a program before shutting down and popping up an alert that cancels shutdown.

Hazard Shield

If you think your anti-virus guards against all “wicked" things, we presume you have not given malware, diallers, downloaders, droppers, adware, rogues, keyloggers and other cyber nasties much thought.

It is time you started using other programs as well. Hazard Shield, for one, is a fast, full-featured anti-malware Sherlock Holmes-cum-Robocop that combats all the aforementioned with alacrity. It can execute manual scans as well as perform real-time monitoring to provide a protective shield to your computer. It works on both local and network drives. An external database makes it convenient to update Hazard Shield without much ado.


This is for all you couch potatoes and TVholics. Download anyTV and you get about 2,600 international TV channels, 4,700 radio, and 6,900 video clips right on your PC desktops. All in real time.

And you don’t need any add-on hardware to hook up. All you need is a good broadband connection to stay in sync with TV channels from more than 100 countries.

NDTV’s there, so are Star, CNBC, IBN and some regional news channels from India. Alas, many of these don’t work. Surprisingly, DD News is always beaming. There are some music and Bollywood movie channels, but no Indian radio stations. What’s more, you can filter and save your favourites by category (country, channel, genre and bit-rate).


Qnext is a spiffy universal instant messaging tool for all the popular IM services such as MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, Gtalk, iChat, and Jabber. Alongside, it allows VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), gaming, and photo/file sharing in one window. Videoconferencing here makes it possible for up to four people (all four using Qnext, of course) to have a video chat. Audio conferencing allows up to eight people simultaneously. You can drag songs, photos, and folders into an IM window and let your friends listen, view and download them. The program uses 192-bit encryption on all P2P data communications.


Ardent Microsoft Outlook users will adore this mail management add-on. As a plug-in for Outlook, it speeds up your mail searches, automates recovery and extraction of all phone numbers in a sidebar, eases discovery of older attachments, and even establishes Gmail-like threaded contextual conversations. Check out the video presentation at the site for an overview and register for the invite-only download. In case you’re baffled by the program’s weird name, it is “inbox" spelt backwards.


For many of us, a Web browser is perhaps one of the most used applications on our PCs. Yet, we make scant effort in choosing it. For those of you who still insist on deploying Internet Explorer (not Firefox or Opera or Flock), IE7Pro offers a range of efficacious features and functions that add a new sparkle to the plain vanilla veteran. This includes perks such as crash recovery, spell checking, mouse gestures, online searches, Web page capture, ad filters, flash blocking, “super" drag-drops, proxy switching, tab management and even history browsing.

BurnAware Free Edition

For a freebie, BurnAware is a great tool that can give its commercial counterparts a run for their money. Not only does it accomplish run-of-the-mill audio/video CD/DVD, disk imaging, data CD burning tasks with ease, it also supports virtually all optical formats you throw at it. This includes the newfangled Blu-Ray and HD DVD formats. You create and burn disc images, write multi-session discs, verify file integrity, and burn compilations directly on optical media. The Home (paid) version writes data disks with additional options (data mode, label, date, etc.), creates bootable disks, creates ISO images from disks, supports ISO/UDF/Bridge file systems and CD-TEXT for audio CDs.

OxygenOffice Professional

Those of you who know of OpenOffice may know where this comes from. Yes, OxygenOffice Professional is also an open source, free and multilingual office productivity suite, albeit a more refined and accessorized version of the venerable, time-tested original. The accessories include several templates, more than 3,400 graphics (clip art, and 3D objects and photos), more than 90 fonts, and sample documents. Bundled along are data mining tools such as the OOoWikipedia macro for searching the free online Wikipedia encyclopedia, an enhanced help menu, and additional user manual. New Import filters for Office Open XML (Microsoft Office 2007), WordPerfect and WordPerfect Graphic have also been included.