A charcoal glimpse of 2011

A charcoal glimpse of 2011

Rupesh Patric, 31, is a software professional with Microsoft in Bangalore. But that’s not a full description of who he really is. He is also a promising upcoming artist who has found his aesthetic idiom through the form of charcoal sketching.

In collaboration with the Bangalore-based NGO Asha Niketan (it provides residential and daycare opportunities for adults and children with a mental handicap), Patric has come out with a calendar for 2011 consisting of 12 touching charcoal drawings for each month of the year. Patric had exhibited these works earlier this year in Bangalore in a show entitled What’s your Story? at ITC Windsor hotel. But they have found longevity through the idea of time and the form of calendar art. The proceeds from the sales of the calendar go to the NGO.

From a girl drawing the curtains to look outside a window, to a railway track with a hint of light falling on it, to two boatmen looking out to sea and a view of a boy on a swing (seen from the back)—these images for all their intimacy, carry an undertow of melancholy. Why?


“I work in the realist mode," says Patric, “and that means I aim to paint what I see with some exactitude. One might trace some melancholy in the pictures, but I’ve tried to make the pictures as vivid and lively as possible, and leave it to the viewer to interpret the images." Asha Niketan (whom he has been associated with over the last two years) got interested in What’s your Story? on seeing his other calendar art works in previous years for Bangalore NGO Dream a Dream (2009) and SnehaNilaya (2010).

Patric’s themes have an intriguing emotional placement. His subjects are poised precisely between sadness and happiness, contentment and yearning, quiet humour and even quieter despair, darkness and light. All of them, he says, aim to seize the emotional contours of the “idea of time".

Aashayein 2011 is a desktop calendar that carries 12 of Rupesh Patric’s recent charcoal works (from What’s Your Story?, solo exhibition at ITC Windsor, June). It costs Rs500. For details, mail ashaniketanbangalore@gmail.com