The big advantage of the Windows 10 platform is that developers can use the Universal Windows Platform to develop apps for PCs, hybrids and smartphones. Popular cloud storage service Dropbox has released a new, free-to-download app for Windows 10 PCs.

For starters, the security feature has been enhanced. In addition to password protection, the new Dropbox app integrates the Windows Hello security feature. Basically, if your laptop or PC has a biometric scanner, this can work seamlessly with it. On hybrids, it can use facial recognition to allow you access to your files.

On the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 powered by the latest generation Intel Core i5 processor and a fast solid-state drive, the performance was expectedly smooth. There were no app crashes or slowdowns even while accessing or uploading heavy files or a bunch of documents together.

The app throws up interactive notifications (accept, decline, etc.) for shared files, and also supports drag and drop of files, making it extremely convenient to upload new or updated documents. At present, however, this feature doesn’t work for downloading.

However, there is one limitation that may put off power users. While the standard Windows desktop client stores all the synced files and folders on the local storage too, the new app always needs connectivity to the cloud to pull your documents. It works in what is essentially known as a “sandboxed" way, and is designed for PCs that may not have a lot of internal storage space.

The Windows 10 Unified Platform app is ideal for most users, because it takes advantage of Windows 10’s built-in security features, doesn’t consume local storage space and allows pretty neat collaboration features.