The latest collection of abstract ceramic artwork by Delhi-based artist P.R. Daroz will open today at the Art Alive Gallery in New Delhi in a solo exhibition titled ‘I am Clay’.

The exhibition is another milestone in Daroz’s almost 40-year long association with ceramic art. “There are points in the creative process where the creative energy binds the artist and the medium into an inseparable union. The two shape each other in the course of creation. And hence the title," says Daroz.

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The show marks the end of an eight yearlong hiatus since Daroz last showed his work in public. Daroz says that the interval happened on account of his organic approach to art. “Art for me is an organic process. I do not create a piece without inspiration. Moreover, as ceramics involve painstaking processes to achieve the desired result, it took me this long to execute all my ideas," he explains.

The “Seabed fom Ceramic artist Daroz’s collection “I am Clay. Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi

The collection also features two remarkable series, the ‘Fired Canvas’ and ‘Unending Rhythm’. The ‘Fired Canvas’ series features square ceramic plates infused with vibrant colors, and a range of different textures from polished glaze finish and hand etchings to natural textures of clay.

The ‘Unending Rhythm’ series features two installations of ceramic columns. While the bronze columns replicate the distinctive colour and contours of metal interspersed with flowing lines and abstract figures inspired by music, the white columns in fine porcelain convey the purity and deceptively soft luminosity of natural marble.

In the last eight years, Daroz has also undertaken a number of public commissions. Some of these are his installations at the Pundole Art Gallery in Mumbai (2008), Art Heritage in Delhi (2003), and ABS Bayers Art Gallery in Baroda (2004). He also has the well-known monumental ceramic murals at Reliance Industries, Navi Mumbai (2008), and a ceramic mural for Platina Corporate office Mumbai (2010) to his credit.

Born in 1944 in Hydrabad, Daroz became interested in art as a young boy and joined the Hyderabad School of Art in 1961 at the age of 16. He studied textile design, metal embossing work and leather craft. His desire to “do something that involves the hand and the mind" took him to ceramics when he attained the Andhra Pradesh Lalit Kala Akademi scholarship to study ceramics at the MS University of Baroda.

The evolution of Indian ceramic art in India from domestic vessels to sculpture and architectural installation has been visible in Daroz’s work. He has worked in a variety of styles – from tableware to animal figurines and monumental murals. He has had several well-known solo installations through the span of his career, including his installations at the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai (1984) and Max Mueller Bhavan in Hydrabad and Pune (1985).

In “I am clay", his work highlights both the unadorned contours of fired clay as well as the dramatic effects of colour and glaze. The collection reflects the spontaneity of the artist’s vision in borrowing from beauty in ordinary life. As Daroz puts it, “Each work here is more than just clay- a living, breathing piece—not only a transformed element of nature, but also a juncture in the artist’s thought and labour, arrested in clay."

The exhibition is on from the 10th of September till the 15th of October at the Art Alive Gallery in Panchsheel,New Delhi.

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