For a process that’s supposed to be at least 7,000 years old—that’s how far back archaeologists date evidence found in northern Europe—cheese-making continues to intrigue aficionados the world over. While cheese can be made through basic methods (curdling milk with acid, separating the whey and salting and moulding the curd), it is during the stage the French call affinage that maturing cheese takes on characters that gourmets recognize. Expect to learn all that and more in a 3-hour-long cheese appreciation course to be conducted by Mukund Naidu, cheesemaker with 25 years of experience. “We will be discussing the basic types of cheese from fresh, semi-aged, bloomy rinds to aged and some unique traditional cheese. It’s the first time I’m conducting such a course for beginners in Bengaluru," says Naidu.

With an eye to familiarizing Bengalureans with artisanal products, the afternoon will see Naidu’s cheeses plugging in with Ponnanna M.P.’s sourdough breads and crackers, Pierre Gregoire’s ricotta-and-spinach tarts and Caroline Martis Radhakrishnan’s wholegrain cupcakes. Sample six varieties of cheese, local/artisanal and imported, and take-home breads and tarts on sale.

On 4 December, 4-7pm, at Frazer Town, Bengaluru. Course fee, Rs1,500. For the venue and other details, email

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