Sage Launch 9 weight 9’ 4 piece The rod is pliable, easy to cast, loads well and is sensitive enough to make you feel the line. Available for $205 (approx. Rs8,200) from

Scientific Anglers Mastery Backing (250 yards) The 30 pound (approx. 14kg) weight attached behind the line helps you put the breaks on most big fish. Available at $21.99 (Rs880) from

GAMMA 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material with 35lbs break strength The leader material is placed just above the hook and connects it to the line, and is virtually invisible in water. This helps to trap the fish. Available for $9.95 (approx. Rs400) from

Stonefly Nymph These flies are attached to the hook and used to attract the fish. Available at prices starting from $3 (Rs120) from

Sage 2580 Pewter This large arbour reel is good value for money. Available for $375 (Rs15,000) from

Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Taper Weight Forward Floating Fly Line It is easy to use and helps the fly to go down to the right depth to be able to catch a mahseer. Available for $59.95 (Rs2,400) from

(Shipping charges extra for all items)