Stylish, but not really worth it

Stylish, but not really worth it

It’s a beautiful-looking phone—black and dark grey, exceedingly slim side bezels, and a massive 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen. It has a raised metal bezel running around the phone, which means that placing the phone face down on a flat surface will not scratch the display.

The display is mediocre—colour and contrast are strictly so-so. The 5 MP camera on the HD7 is pretty decent with colour and contrast, and the flash is powerful. The phone has an internal memory of 16 GB. Music quality via the hands-free kit is good—decent bass for earphones, and a nice mid-range. The loudspeaker distorts a lot and is not suitable for playing music. Video playback is a mediocre experience. While the large display is good, the colours can look a bit washed out, and the contrast is mediocre at best. Battery life seems decent, considering the paltry 1,230 mAh power plant. With heavy usage and 2-3 hours of calls, battery life drops to 25% within a day.

With good reception, call quality and clarity are good, but as signal levels drop slightly, there is a loss of coherence at the other end. There are better-performing, more rounded devices available.


OS: Windows Phone 7

CPU: Qualcomm QSD8250

(1 GHz)

RAM:576 MB

Display: 4.3-inch, 480x800 pixels, capacitive

Battery: 1230 mAh

Weight: 162g




Features: 7.5

Performance: 7

Build quality: 7

Value for money: 5.5

Overall: 7

*Out of 10

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