• Lampshades

Flipside, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Photograph by Divya Babu/Mint

What you need: If you don’t have such an heirloom, don’t worry. You can use any decorative umbrella made of handmade paper or Jaipuri cloth. Get an electrician to fix the wiring. These umbrella lights work well in corners or as the centrepiece in a room, forming a halo on the ceiling as well as giving a diffused light.

• Light

The Pot Belly, Shahpur jat, New Delhi

Photograph by Divya Babu/Mint

What you need: Cutting-chai glasses or any other glassware you’d like to use. Also, source cane baskets or especially woven cane lampshades. Make sure the baskets you choose are not too tightly woven.

• Dining Tables

Grey Garden, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Photograph by Divya Babu/Mint

“My partner at work, Shalabh Singh, collects matchboxes, so we made one with those. Mia used some net lace accessories that were left over from her garments, so we put that in. She also likes to collect sands from different parts of the world, so we used those in cork bottles," says Shani.

What you need: While these tables at Grey Garden are for sale—the table costs 15,000 and if you want one filled with accessories, it will be priced at 45,000, while those with vintage pieces go up to a lakh—you can create your own table. Those nostalgia-ridden trinkets kept away in boxes can be put on your tables in the dining or living area at home. They’re sure to be conversation-starters. Get in touch with Grey Garden at info@thegreygarden.com

•Bead curtains

Estia, Aloft Hotel, Whitefield, Bangalore

Photograph : Courtesy Estia

The striking bead curtains adorning the French windows that separate the bay area (next to the pool) from the restaurant draw attention. Designed by Sreeti Mondol, who works with brightly coloured glass beads, the curtains stand out for their colours and texture.

“The curtains create a seamless partition of sorts," says Mondol, adding that the beads, made of glass, have been sourced from across South-East Asia and more prominently, India.

What you need: Bead curtains can be used easily at home. “Most clients requested for my curtains as separators between the kitchen and living room," says Mondol, adding that these can also be used at the entrance to a terrace or balcony, or simply as a separator of rooms. Door-sized curtains (3x7ft) cost 12,000-15,000. Get in touch with Mondol at 9845508083.

Pavitra Jayaraman contributed to this story.