Divers’ watches are a peculiar phenomenon in the world of watchmaking. Few—a minuscule percentage—of people who own diving watches go anywhere near water that is deeper than a glassful. And yet many brands go to great, painstaking lengths to make watches that are legitimate tools for deepwater exploration.

Watchmakers today use a mindboggling array of technologies to make the modern divers’ watch a resilient, reliable timepiece. Simultaneously, along with technical advancement, the divers’ watch has also become a design statement. It has come to mean not so much a professional tool, but an entire category of watches that share many common features not the least of which is a rugged, sporty design.

But, as they say, what is the story here? When did the divers’ watch become such an essential element of a watch connoisseur’s collection?

Mint Indulge tells the story of the divers’ watch through some of the most iconic brands in this segment and their latest offerings.