Nancy Woo, make-up artist and international trainer for beauty brand Shiseido, is in the country this week. We spoke to her about make-up trends for the season. Edited excerpts:

What are the five basic beauty products every woman should have?

Shimmering lipsticks by Shiseido.

What is the best way to choose the perfect foundation for your skin colour?

Try the foundation on the back of your hand. To determine the colour, choose a colour that is between your face and neck colour. Then apply a small spot on your face to see the effects of the foundation on you.

What are the latest international make-up trends?

While it is important to know the latest international make-up trends, it is also important to have your own personal preferences, understand your own style and lifestyle. Spring is all about shimmer. The look of shimmer on eyes and cheeks, especially on tanned skin. Matt skin is also extremely popular, according to the runway 2010. Natural-looking make-up is also a hot make-up trend in 2010. Flawless skin and mascara, lips and a foundation complete this look. A natural look is about flawless skin, so it is important that you take care of your skin to keep it looking its best! Other popular make-up looks for 2010 include rosy cheeks and red lips.

How to achieve the natural, no-make up look?

Advanced Hydro-Liquid Compact by Shiseido.

What kind of products should be used for monsoon?

Monsoon brings humidity, so basic care of the skin will enable you to look beautiful through the season. Ensure that the skin is properly cleansed, softened and moisturized. Then use a foundation which hydrates yet offers a matt feel.

Women are afraid of using bright lipstick. What is the best way of wearing bright lip colour?

Depending on the shape and size of your lips you should choose a colour that brings out the best of your skin tone and style. Bright colours make women more sensual, energetic, sexy and bolder. The best way of wearing bright lip colour is by layering, and wearing bright colours together can make you look so exciting. The two key points to making bright lipstick work for you are, firstly, having lips you are willing to emphasize and secondly, the right shade of lipstick for your skin. People with olive or yellowish complexions can’t wear bright lipsticks; however, we always have a shade to match your skin—you just have to find it!

What should you be throwing out of your make-up box this season?

Out with the old and in with the new! We all hang on to make-up longer than we should. I am sure that you have so many lipsticks and eyeshadows that you will never get through them, so throw them out if you are bored with them or if they have not been touched for a long time. Eyeliners and lipsticks can damage eyes and lips if they get allergic to bacteria which has grown on them, so it would be best to throw them away if they have not been used for a while.