Let the music play

Let the music play

Inspired by Farhan Akhtar and party in Rock On!! to create or revive your band? Well, life in the real world often isn’t as simple as writing a song, singing it and then winning a record contract. Between the basement and celebrity lies the vast wilderness of independent releases, small-time shows and hard-fought publicity.

That is where the Internet comes in.

For listeners, Internet is a source of millions of tracks to listen to; for the artistes, it’s a distribution channel that connects millions worldwide. We are in the middle of a revolution and it’s only the beginning. Here are some of the Web portals that help me find some really great indie music around the world:


Jamendo has a huge catalogue of Creative Commons-licensed indie music. Users can download or play any music for free and can support an artiste through donations. It allows users to maintain their playlists and review music, besides other common social networking features. With a collection of more than 11,000 albums, it is by far the most active community of indie artists and indie music listeners on the Internet.


MySpace Music is the music section of MySpace and is another cool way to discover new music. Most indie bands have their MySpace pages and users can directly play music from their pages, see their pictures and biographies. Since MySpace is one of the leaders in social networking, it offers artistes a chance to reach out to their audience. It also offers a localized search for users to discover artistes near them.

www.last.fm/tag/indie rock

Last.fm, the social Web radio service, has a dedicated channel for indie rock. Last.fm allows users to publish their favourite tracks in widgets that users can put on their blogs/sites, so in a way it allows them to publish their tastes. Last.fm also has a unique system of paying royalties to unsigned artistes when their songs are played through the site’s ad-supported streaming music feature.


Gigpad is a site that covers the indie rock scene in India. It’s a one-stop shop for everything about new rock bands, performances, competitions and releases. It is “the" place to get in touch with rock bands if you are looking to organize shows.


Indie Rock Cafe is a blog that covers upcoming indie rock artistes and bands, their recent releases, concerts and reviews. It also offers MP3s and videos of some of the featured albums for free download. Indie Rock Café is the place to find concert videos of some of the more famous indie rock festivals around the globe.


And finally, Tempostand is a place to discover fresh and original music by independent artistes in India. It is a collection of Creative Commons-licensed indie music that spans different genres.

Users can play any music for free and buy CDs of the albums. It also covers indie music events that are available for live viewing as webcasts on the site.

Ujjwal Singh Grover is a LAMP (Linux+Apache+MySQL+Python) hacker working for Tempostand. Besides meeting cool indie artistes and creating software, he writes for www.mutiny.in. He blogs at www.ujjwalgrover.blogspot.com

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