Smartphone apps that caught our eye

Bored of the usual set of apps and games on your phone? Download some new ones

Every month we come across a new bunch of apps and games. But some are more exciting than the others. We found a few apps and games which stood out.

Ultimate Tennis

Download from: Google Play Store, Apple App store

Tennis games on mobiles are rare and good ones even rarer. Ultimate Tennis is the first game that comes close to the Virtua Tennis Challenge. The matches are short but challenging. The game steers clear from the ATP or WTA model and runs a separate career mode where you play against fictional characters which can be either men or women. Player characters look well developed and their movements look very natural, unlike the cartoonish graphics in some other games. The stadiums look pretty ordinary, however. The game controls are superb and you can even play it with one hand if you are holding the phone in portrait mode. All you need is a smooth Internet connection and about 200MB of free space on your phone.

Sniper Fury

Download from: Google Play Store, Apple App store

Sniper Fury is a compact first person shooter which offers the fun of a first person shooting (FPS) game in small bursts. Graphics are ordinary and controls are few and easy to master. The objective is to take down as many targets as possible from a fixed position. This makes it a bit easier than a full-fledged FPS where one also have to move around. Even in its later stages, the game doesn’t feel challenging. One of the reasons is the step-by-step guidance that the game provides, telling the player to regularly upgrade their existing weapons and buy new weapons as required. The game is ideal for someone with a passing interest in the first person shooter but who doesn’t have the time or patience to master the controls on mobile.

Google Art and Culture

Download from: Google Play Store,Apple App store

Google’s latest app Art and Culture is strictly meant for art lovers with profound interest in art, paintings and architecture. Google has tied up with several international museums and art galleries for their inventory. It is an online inventory yet works well on slow mobile networks except when you are playing a video. Most of the content is picture based, though. The content is divided into three categories, —art, history and wonders. Every category shows the most popular body of work with due credit to the content providers. To make it more interesting they have added relevant titbits like what it represents and when it was created. The art section is the most prolific as it houses works by almost all popular painters, including Indian painters such as M.F. Hussain or early 18th century painter Nainsukh.

Hitap Indic Keyboard

Download from: Google Play Store

Designed for people who like to chat and type more in regional Indian languages, Hitap Indic Keyboard is a quick and handy alternative. It supports 12 Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. While Hindi is available as a default language, the rest need to be downloaded. The options are limited and they don’t look as funky as the keyboard themes in SwiftKey or Flesky, but offer all elements that would make typing fun and intuitive. For instance, you can adjust the size of the keys, press and slide the space key upwards anytime to switch language instantly. This allows you to type in a Bengali and an English word in the same message, without leaving the keyboard and tinkering with the settings.

TVF Play

Download from: Google Play Store

The Viral Fever known for its sarcastic and amusing clips has come up with a mobile app TVF Play where you can access every video by them. Right from their latest videos to the most loved ones, the app puts them under separate categories as per the names they went by on Google’s video streaming platform YouTube. If you are a serious fan, it offers a better option than scouring through YouTube for their latest and your favourite ones. The interface is plain and the search button makes searches easier by taking you to the video you want to see right away.