Like a Swiss army knife, this desk has multiple pull-out utilities—a shelf for the laptop or desktop, a CPU unit, drawers for stationery and personal items, an in-built switchboard, lighting, pin-up whiteboard and locks for easy mobility. Two people can sit and work on it at a time. And if there is a training session or a party, you can close the workstations and move it to one side. Aptly named Out of the Box by Kalhan Mattoo and Santha Gour Mattoo of Planet3 Studios, a Mumbai-based architecture and interior design firm, this desk is almost as easy to pack as it is to open up.

Multi-utility: This ready-to-use workstation cuts down on installation time.

“As architects, when we design an office space, there’s a gap of six-eight weeks before all the furniture is installed, the cabling and other infrastructure is done and the space is ready for use. We wanted to squeeze that time and simplify the process. Out of the Box brings down the installation time of a few weeks to a few minutes," says Santha.

To make it suitable for mass production, Godrej Interio made slight changes to the product and put it through several quality and consistency checks. The final version was launched in February.

Available at all Godrej Interio stores, approx. 90,000.