What types of shoes go with different types of trousers, such as bootcut trousers, slim-fitting jeans and loose linen pants, as well as a knee-length skirt and a short cocktail dress?

(Illustration by: Fatema Ratlamwala)

A knee-length skirt looks best with boots—they don’t have to be cowboy boots, any narrow boots look great with skirts. For the day, try a pair of strappy, flat sandals. And there’s nothing like a pair of stilettos with a cocktail dress.

I see an increasing number of metallic accessories, such as shoes, belts and bags in the stores for men. Are these a popular trend? How can one wear them without looking too over-the-top? Also, what about T-shirts with metallic prints and transfers?

Metallic looks and accessories for men are quite a trend both internationally and in India. The trick, however, is to carry one metallic piece—either clothing, a bag or an accessory. You should also make sure that the accessory is not too heavily contrasted with the rest of your outfit. Try to pick out the dull metallic finish instead of chrome, which is more difficult to carry off. As for T-shirts with metallic prints, I think those should be left to women.

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