It’s about bright shades, graphic designs, some bling—the two-week-old CasaPOP promises goodies for the “high-voltage diva". The “edgy Indian products with an international feel", says Raseel Gujral Ansal, the designer behind the store, “will make a statement". If you are looking for an Indian crafts kind of range (something on the lines of Dastkar bazaar), then CasaPOP is not the place for you.

The good stuff

A cushion cover from the Madame Butterfly theme

We also like the printed pashmina stoles with some of the signature designs from CasaPOP lines (these start at 5,699) and the laser-print scarves (which start at 2,499). More is expected in the CasaPOP apparel range in the coming weeks, including palazzos and long tunics.

If you have to pick up just one thing, it should be the ottoman ( 9,999). With pearl or pleated detailing and bright shades, we think any one of these can be a good statement piece for a living room, as can the breakfast tray tables ( 40,000). We also fell in love with a neon-pink, leather-upholstered Victorian chair with a white wooden frame and no armrests. The chair had button detailing right through the centre and while it might be hard to sit on, it makes for a perfect show-stopper in a boudoir ( 69,000).

The not-so-good

Utility was not at the top of our minds when we went looking for things at CasaPOP. We wanted to see if there were indeed little trinkets, objects that could be bought just to use as the pièce de résistance on a living-room side table or shelf. If candles and boxes are your idea of things that can be positioned for effect, then there were tissue boxes, accessory boxes, candles in teacups with saucers, and more candles. We were not tempted to pick any of these.

And if you are looking for under- 1,000 products, the choice is limited to Gandhi-frame sunglasses ( 899) and elephant-shaped, rose-coloured candles ( 999).

Talk plastic

Prices start at 899 and go up to 2.5 lakh (for the brocade corset vanity). The online CasaPOP store is likely to be launched by the end of this month.

CasaPOP, S-222, Second floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.