Coming off prolonged years of militancy, Sri Lanka seems to be the flavour of the season for holiday planners. And the little teardrop-shaped island they called Serendip seems determined to get you going—any which way. Take your pick:

Island adventures: Take a nine-day bike tour through Sri Lanka. GetOffYourAss

GetOffYourAss is organizing a nine-day (26 September-4 October) motorbike tour through the island, starting from Negombo and passing through Kandy, Knuckles Range, Mahiyangana, Nuwareliya and Adams Peak. The route is provisional, says GetOffYourAss’ Santosh Kumar, as new routes and areas are opening up every day. As a one-off, the trip is available at special promotional prices. It will cost Rs33,500 per person for a group of six. A group of five will take costs up to Rs38,250 per person. The charges cover bike rental (options: XR 250, Suzuki Djibel, Yamaha Serova), a back-up vehicle with driver, a mechanic with minimal spares and a trip leader with prior experience. It doesn’t include airfare, food or accommodation, local driving licences, refundable bike deposits ($200, around Rs10,000) and incidentals. To sign up for the trip, call Santosh at 09845442224 or email at Participants need to report at Negombo on 26 September.

• Tuk-tuk race

The Great Sri Lankan Tuk-Tuk Challenge starts today. Over the next 10 days, 42 drivers—divided into 20 teams—will drive the tuk-tuks across 1,200km of mountains, rainforests, coastal villages and bustling towns. It starts from Negombo and ends in Colombo, via Sigiriya, Dambana, Kandy. Spot applications are not allowed, but it’s not the end of your dream of driving the humble autorickshaw. Entries for next year’s challenge open in October. Click here for more details