In the weeks ahead, amateur photographers will get the opportunity to take their SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras out on the street and be guided by professionals. These workshops will be centred around events that provide plenty of material for inspiration (such as the Goa Carnival) and places brimming with photographic potential (such as the Thiruvotriyur temple in Chennai). Here are some of the most interesting workshops and events coming up next month:

Goa Carnival Beginner’s SLR Workshop, 3-6 March

The Photography on the Move team will conduct a workshop for people who’re getting started with SLR camera photography, during the Goa Carnival. Hellmuth Conz will guide participants in photographing the Portuguese-influenced architecture of Goa’s Latin Quarter, and the colour and revelry of the carnival. SLR cameras will be provided on rent to participants. Slots are limited, so be sure to book early.

For bookings, information and a detailed itinerary, contact Supriya Sehgal of Photography on the Move (, +91-9980655944).

The 38th Chennai Photowalk, 12 March

Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan will conduct a walk around the Thiruvotriyur temple. The temple, located in a northern suburb of Chennai, was built in the seventh or eighth century by the Pallavas and expanded by the Cholas. Changing tidal patterns over the past few decades have eroded the seaface nearby, posing problems to the temple itself. This walk will expose participants to the archaeological and ecological heritage of Chennai.

The walk is free, and open to everyone. People without cameras are welcome too. The Chennai Photowalk has been around for nearly three years, and a collection of images taken on past walks can be seen at For more information, contact Gopalakrishnan (, +91-9884467463)