Lounge Review | Sushi and More, Mumbai

Lounge Review | Sushi and More, Mumbai

One would question the wisdom of opening a sushi takeaway during these times of uncertainty vis-à-vis imports from Japan, radiation fears and such. But except for the timing, sushi lends itself brilliantly to the concept of a takeaway, and Sushi and More now fills in that gap in Mumbai’s phone-in culture.

The good

All food is freshly made, which is evident even if you eat it after a couple of hours, as most Japanese food is not temperature dependent.

The California Roll with avocado, lettuce and cucumber is subtle, as is the Japanese curry served with sticky rice, pickles and crumb-fried chicken (there’s also a vegetarian variety). The gyoza, dumplings served with yuzu pepper, is nondescript.

The not-so-good

The packaging might be good but the hygiene is not great. The three-member staff, involved in both cooking and packing, did not wear gloves, which even a roadside juice seller in New Delhi’s Connaught Place does. The staff was also too grumpy—food served with a frown just does not cut it.

The prices at Sushi and More are not reasonable, considering the portions are really small.

Talk plastic

Sushi (eight pieces) ranges from 230-400, Tempura (four-seven pieces) is 200-400, and the Bento Box (lunch pack) is 400 (vegetarian) and 450 (non-vegetarian).

Sushi and More, 2/A, Meherabad Building, Warden Road, Mumbai. For details, email order@sushiandmore.com, or call 022-66157285/66157286.