The weekend at the movies

The weekend at the movies

With Mani Shankar’s Knock Out releasing this weekend, with some other awaited movies, it promises to be a roller-coaster ride. Here are our suggestions on what you should watch.


Knock Out (

The film has been in the news for all the wrong reasons: charges of plagiarism from the Joel Schumacher film, Phone Booth. The film tells the story of a man whose life takes a dramatic turn when he receives a phone call from a stranger who seems to know a lot about his secret life.

Aakrosh (

Picking up on the theme of honour killings, this film sees Priyadarshan moves away from the comic film genre. A couple of police officers search for Delhi University students who have gone missing in a small town in Bihar. Ajay Devgn and Akshaye Khanna lend the starry quotient.



The Kid (

16 October, 7pm, India Habitat Centre

This early Chaplin classic sees him adopting an abandoned baby who becomes his partner in crime. Soon, the boy is taken away by the welfare services. What follows is frantic search by Chaplin that ends with an emotionally charged climax.

Festival of Italian short films

16 October, 2pm, Italian Cultural Institute

1) Stesso Posto Stessa Ora (Same Place Same Time) 1999, 9 minutes. Directors: Fabio Rosi and Werther Germondari.

2) Due Bravi Ragazzi (Two Good Fellows) 2005, 15 minutes. Director: Tony Palazzo.

3) Offerte Speciali (Today’s Specials) 2005, 7 minutes. Director: Gianni Gatti.

4) Bobbolone, 2002, 10 minutes. Director: Daniele Cascella.


A Lobster Tale (

16 October, 1pm, Godrej Theatre, National Center for the Performing Art

Directed by Adam Massey, this is the tale of a fisherman whose life seems to be falling apart—a wife who feels neglected and a son who is picked on by bullies at school—until he finds a strange green moss that holds magical powers. Suddenly, the whole community wants a piece of him. Watch this little gem from America.



The Mission (

2.15pm, World Movies

Starring Robert de Niro and Jeremy Irons, this Roland Joffe film deals with Spanish Jesuits who attempt to protect a South American tribe from falling prey to imperialist, pro-slavery Portuguese. Acclaimed for its cinematography.

Yashwant (

10.30pm, Zee Action

Featuring a sterling performance from Nana Patekar, Anil Mattoo’s film depicts the life of a cop sworn to integrity and honesty and his attempts at standing by righteousness rather than hypocritical social morals.

Up (

2.50pm, Star Movies

Another marvel from Pixar Animation Studios, this film follows an elderly man as he lives his childhood dream of visiting Paradise Falls in the South American jungle. He is accompanied by a boy scout. The two fly to South America in a house suspended by helium balloons.


3-Iron (

7pm, World Movies

From master film-maker Kim Ki Duk comes this tale of a young drifter who breaks into people’s homes when they are away, sleeps there, enjoys their food and repays the owners by doing odd jobs within the house. Trouble begins when he falls for a beautiful woman.

The Choir (

1.15pm, Lumiere

The power of music! A middle-aged man walks into a school which is run by a strict disciplinarian. Watch what happens when the newcomer, armed with the tenderness of music, changes the students’ lives through music.

Sholay (

12pm, Zee Cinema

Any introduction to this legendary film will only end up spoiling the experience. The dialogues, the music, the performances: All lent their weight to create an unforgettable cinematic experience. Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar, Dharmendra and Amjad Khan star in this all-time great Bollywood film.