Lounge podcast | Bonjour-India, the science of shoes and a “concept” book

Lounge podcast | Bonjour-India, the science of shoes and a “concept” book

Welcome to the fourth edition of the lounge podcast! This is your host Anindita Ghose and we come to you today with a couple of new gems on the culturescape. And, very faithfully, we warn you about things you should stay away from.

We’re going to start off with Bonjour India – the three-month long French festival that takes off in 18 cities across India this weekend. The festival will feature over 100 events. The inaugural show that opens this Saturday is an exhibition called Journeys to India with photographs from the Albert Kahn Museum near Paris. You could log on to www.bonjour-india.com for a complete schedule.

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Then we have our guest for the day—graphic novelist Vishwajyoti Ghosh talk to us about his ridiculously funny new “concept" book. Times New Roman & Countrymen published by Blaft, is a book of 25 postcards that Vishwa created by drawing from classifieds in national newspapers. We’re going to have Vishwa tell us why classifieds caught his fancy in this manner and how he got around to doing this.

And then we have something that might touch a very special chord with a few of you at least. Our book critic Chandrahas Choudhury talks about Written For Ever: The Best of Civil Lines, an anthology of back issues of the literary magazine Civil Lines. Many of you would remember it as the high quality, very distilled literary magazine that was launched in 1994.

We’ll move on to discussing this week’s cover story on new-age sports shoes. You might think you don’t need this but there’s a shoe that exercises your legs without you doing anything. We’ll tell you how.

And then, as always, we have our inhouse cinephile Sanjukta Sharma report to us from the Bollywood front. This week’s pick is the Priyadarshan film with Akshay Kumar and the Indian Barbie Katrina Kaif. (You do know that Mattel is launching an Indian Barbie modeled on Katrina Kaif?)

To round up, we have Lounger Krish Raghav speak to Sushmit Sen from Indian Ocean about their just concluded world tour and future film projects.

That’s all from us today.

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