Bangalore-based Bharatanatyam dancer Padmini Ravi has developed a new integrated workout she calls “Yogercise". It draws its strength from three disciplines—Bharatanatyam, yoga and Kalaripayattu.

“A dancer requires fitness levels that are way higher than any normal person. If you need to be on stage with a smile on your face for hours, you had better be very fit," says Ravi, explaining why she thought about this workout.

Fusion fitness: Padmini Ravi says there isn’t a posture in yoga that cannot be found in dance. Photo: Gireesh GV/Mint

“Instead it will serve to break away from the monotony of a gym workout," says Ravi. Yogercise comprises hour-long workouts where movements are synchronized with breathing. The session starts with body stretches and goes on to cardio exercises, abdomen exercises and Surya Namaskars, ending with relaxation techniques and meditation.

Samprati, No. 16, 18th Cross (between 6th and 8th Main), Malleswaram, Bangalore. Charges, 1,500 per month. For details, call 9482502814.