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Download Central | Redefine RSS readers

Most of us moved from desktop RSS feed readers to Google Reader because it was faster, easier and better. Readefine by developer Anirudh Sasikumar completely changes things by bringing in offline functionality and a simple, appealing interface to the mix. It automatically divides text into “pages" for reading without scrolling, and supports catch-up services like Read It Later, along with Twitter and, of course, RSS feeds.

However, it’s not a finished product by any means—for example, you can’t delete feeds, and you need to first log into Google Reader. Video display is still very experimental and other options like time stamps on items are needed.

Also, Sasikumar is adding features such as unread counts for folders. Readefine is also a little unintuitive at first—Flipboard works because it’s natural to poke at the iPad. But the interface looks so much better than Google Reader ever did, that most people will want to take the 5 minutes needed to get used to the system.