My hair’s blinking? I must be linking

My hair’s blinking? I must be linking

There goes my ear again.

I said I would never do it, but you can now count me among those who walk around with a Klingon-like communicator in my ear, seemingly talking to myself as I peruse the cucumbers at Albertsons.

And whenever my pocket vibrates, I have to push my ear.

There’s an admission I never thought I would make.

Answering the phone in your ear takes a little getting used to, but after just a few days of using the earpiece, I can’t even feel it. The only requirement is that you can’t mind having a blinking blue light in your hair all day.

This latest technological advance is brought to you by the good folks behind Bluetooth, which invisibly links electronic devices. Its whimsical name comes from the 10th-century Danish King Harald “Bluetooth" Blatand, who apparently was fond of blueberries, thus his nickname.

Bluetooth is a short-distance (30ft or so) radio link between an electronic device and the earpiece. There are lots of new things getting “Bluetoothed" all the time. Just about any appliance labelled “smart". Eventually, some say, “everything" will have the capacity to have a wireless link to everything else.

The best thing about Bluetooth is that the sound in my cellphone is crystal clear and the other party manages to hear me, even though the microphone seems to be an acre and a half from my mouth—well, actually between my cheek and jaw. But no one ever complains that I sound like I’m in a hole, which they do when I’m at home on my “landline".©2007/The New York Times