Stop making useless excuses for your slovenliness. There has simply never been a time in history when it has been easier for any man to aspire to exquisite gentlemanliness. Why? Because of that ubiquitous little device they call a mobile phone. There is literally no element of the consummate gentleman’s lifestyle that cannot be established and enhanced with the right choice of handheld app. But in a market of many thousands of apps, which ones will elevate you to the highest echelons of class and prestige?

Mint Indulge does all the heavy clicking for you. Now, class up, bro!

Current affairs

Circa: You know what there is too much of? Stuff happening in the world. You know what there is too little of? Time to read up on all that stuff. You know what would be cool? Someone who reads all the news, and then converts it into bite-size summaries for your daily perusal. Exactly what Circa does.

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Remember everything

Evernote: Evernote is the ultimate wingman—a reminder service, task list, notebook, back-up brain, optical scanner and more, all rolled into one deadly useful app. Dump everything into Evernote—receipts, phone numbers, audio recordings, photos—and later recall them exactly when you want to. Leaving your brain to focus on the more important things in life.

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Get smart

Pocket Casts: Ever turned up at a party and realized you are the only guy who doesn’t have an interesting anecdote, fascinating fact or improbably true story? True story. Turn up the charm-o-meter by downloading the excellent Pocket Casts podcast app and then signing up to Radiolab, Futility Closet and other “interesting" podcasts. Unleash the conversationalist within. Be the life of the party.

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Knotty Boy

Tie Break: An app just to help you knot a tie might sound a tad bit excessive. But this new Tie Break app by Hermes is not just useful…but also weird and wonderful and great fun to play with. Which, we readily admit, makes very little sense. So just download it and see what we mean.

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Trainer in a phone

Men’s Health Workouts: The Men’s Health Workouts app is a collection of top-class exercise routines put together by the expert folk at Men’s Health magazine. The app isn’t all that great to look at. Which is the exact opposite of what the world is going to say when they see you after a few weeks in the gym. Plenty of workouts to buy if you exhaust the ones that come free.

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Run for your life

Zombies, Run!: Running—that thing were you put foot in front of foot with a sense of urgency—is a pretty great form of exercise. You don’t need any equipment or any special training, you can take it at your own pace, and you can do it indoors or outdoors. If you could only find some motivation. How about the fact that if you stop running…zombies will kill you and everybody else! Excellent. That is precisely what Zombies, Run! does. The app immerses you into an exciting action-packed story line where you stay alive by running. The app measures how well you do…and decides if you will live or die.

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Think it. Make it

Joy Of Cooking: App stores are choc-a-bloc with apps that help you cook, bake, juice, forage, lose weight eating fried chicken, and make things up. But it is going to be pretty hard to find an app that matches up to how to cook everything. What exactly does it do? Exactly what it says on the…err…app tin.

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Masala math

Wolfram Alpha: Suddenly wondering how many calories you consumed in the form of your full English breakfast? Too many my friend, too many. But you can still make it up over lunch! Wolfram Alpha is much more than just an app to calculate the calories in things. It is an amazing portal into a world of numbers, measures and statistics. But it is darn good at making that tuna sandwich look unnecessary.

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Click tock

Daytona Experience: A mechanical watch is, in many ways, the complete antithesis of your tablet. But Rolex’s Daytona Experience app is one of the finest brand-specific apps you’ll ever see. Made with all the attention to detail and silky smooth experience you’d come to expect from this gold-standard watchmaker. Great fun.

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Three cheers

Distiller: We all like to joke about how the whisky doesn’t really matter after a few drinks. And we all know that is a lie. Good whisky is sublime. Bad whisky is slow, painful death in a glass. Why not use the excellent Distiller app to record your buys, review your tipples and get excellent recommendations? Also make like-minded friends. But mostly find whiskies.

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Is everyone ok with red?

Vivino: Ah fermented grape juice! We meet again. You with your condescending aloofness. Me with my severe social insecurity. But no more. Vivino is a clever little app that helps you buy wine, take notes, processes your preferences, and then suggests new ones to try. Never drink a bad glass again.

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Stay cool

Valet Mag: Valet Mag is an excellent independent online magazine that brings together high fashion with sensible advice and great shopping tips. So little wonder that their app is legendary. There is something here for the fashion forward chap to the guy who just wants to know what shirt goes with what tie. Essential.

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Get sorted

Stylebook: Wardobe heaving with clothes? Keep coming across shirts you don’t even remember buying? Can’t organize to save your life? Then Stylebook is precisely the app for you. Spend a weekend adding all your clothes into the app. And then never worry about your daily ensemble. Use the app to plan, mix and match. Connoisseurs swear by it.

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