It’s time to sing, dance and perform on the streets and parks of Bangalore. A month long festival, October Jam, is inviting budding artists, musicians, dancers and performers of any genre to be a part of this festival on the streets.

Artists jamming on a Sunday afternoon in a Bangalore park

“When we say theatre, we mean it in a performative sense and don’t restrict to drama. We mean the performance of music, drama, poem readings, art installations, anything that rings of art," says Mittal.

It has been a year since then. Maraa is now organising theatre Jam sessions through the month of October around the city. It will be a continued effort to create a platform for artists and art forms to meet, share and collaborate. The activities will be held in parks, local bars, streets and markets in Bangalore.

The month long October Jam poster

“Such an activity initiates dialogue between different groups of people and creates new meeting points in the city. We are using public spaces in order to open access, participation and expression. As the city is going through a process of transformation, communities and geographies are getting fragmented," says Mittal.

Through theatre jam, Maraa is seeking to break the barriers on the answer to who is considered an artist. The idea is to bring art outside the boundaries of galleries and auditoriums that restrict the access to art. “Everybody is on the same platform here. Nobody is a bigger artist than the other," says Mittal, who points out that none of performing artists are being paid because everybody who will be there will take part in the spirit of jamming.

October Jam begins on October 1 on MG road. The calendar for the month long event is a constant work in progress. For updates, log on here .