“An overcoat can look very chic with a short dress”

“An overcoat can look very chic with a short dress”

What makes a good overcoat for men and for women?

People are really reticent to wear overcoats here. They will wear three sweaters, but not an overcoat. Partly, it is because overcoats are used as protection from wind chill, and you don’t really have that kind of breeze here. That is probably why overcoats have not done so well in India, yet. But people can definitely incorporate them into their wardrobes.

The fabric should not be too heavy. It has got to be light—a simple lightweight jacket—such as a leather or a tropical wool overcoat. Men, if they want to add a little style, can do a combination. Wool combined with leather trimming would give the jacket a bit of zip.

For women, the colour should be something that is versatile, that can go with the colours of their wardrobe. The palette really differs in the North and the South. People prefer a bit more colour in the North. Bright browns or burgundies or rich wines work well. If you are more fashion conscious, silver and gold are really in this season. For women, the fabric can be slightly decorative, with a texture or embroidery.

For both men and women, the jacket should be mid-thigh to knee-length at the longest.

Men who are too fussy to use a tie around the waist, can opt for a button coat with good side pockets. But if they can handle one, a tie around the waist always enhances the shape.

For women, the trench coat with a tie around the middle is the most desirable shape as it shows off the figure. An overcoat can look very chic when paired with tights and a short dress. It is a great way to make an entrance. Not many people are used to wearing a dress in the wintertime, but you can wear a dress and an overcoat and it looks very modern and chic.

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