The weekend at the movies

The weekend at the movies

All you Facebook junkies can look forward to David Fincher’s film on Mark Zuckerberg’s life. In case you miss out on that, here’s our list of great cinema to keep you entertained this weekend.



Karthik Calling Karthik (

6.30pm, Star One

Farhan Akhtar stars in this Vijay Lalwani film about a typical loser in awe of a ravishing co-worker in his office. His life turns around when he starts receiving phone calls from a stranger who seems obsessed with improving our loser’s social skills.

Three Colours: Red (

9pm, World Movies

The final instalment of Polish film-maker Krystziof Kieslowski’s acclaimed Colours trilogy, Red is about a model who suddenly discovers her neighbour’s obsession with spying on other other people by listening to their phone calls.

Three Monkeys (

9pm, Lumiere

From acclaimed Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan comes this film about a family trying to scrape out a living despite their extreme financial hardships and the emotional crisis and communication voids that it leads them into.


Charlie Bartlett (

9pm, Sony Pix

Charlie’s fortunes take a dramatic turn when he becomes a self-appointed psychiatrist to the students at his college, prescribing them drugs for their problems. Things get bad when a student overdoses on a drug.

Control (

9pm, Lumiere

Director Anton Corbijn’s maiden feature sees Sam Riley portray the enigmatic Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division. One of the best British films of the last decade, it follows Curtis’ life through its labyrinth of troubles and ends with his suicide at the young age of 23. A must see.

Breath (

3pm, Lumiere

Controversial yet brilliant Korean director Kim Ki Duk’s 14th film deals with the story of a prisoner who falls for a woman who is trying to get back on her husband for cheating on her.


The Social Network (

The film deals with the life of one of the world’s youngest billionaires, Mark Zuckerberg and how he transformed from a social misfit to the darling of the web-age by creating Facebook.


All the films listed below are being shown as part of the Global Film Festival.

Venue: Marwah Studios, Film City, Sector 16-A, Noida

13th November

The Bicycle Thieves (


For an ardent cinema fan, this movie really doesn’t require any introduction. The simple story of a working man whose bicycle goes missing, creating a huge void in his life, and his efforts in getting it back has long been considered a cinematic masterpiece.

Baduk (


Directed by one of the most recognizable faces of the Iranian cinematic revolution, the film deals with child slavery in Iran. Majidi tells the tale of boys who are turned into baduks—children who clandestinely smuggle goods across the border—and the brave face they show in the face of adversity.

Mouchette (


Master film-maker Robert Bresson directed this film about Mouchette, a girl who invites trouble wherever she goes. Her life takes a turn when she befriends Arsene who thinks he has killed a rural policeman. A subtly told tale of a girl attempting to live a normal life in a world growing increasingly hostile.

14th November

Kirikou et les sauvages (


A delight for children looking for an animation film, this movie is about a grandfather who tells the story of his grandson, Kirikou. Kirikou’s life is full of adventures that see him play a gardener, a merchant and a traveller, among other professions.

Bellisimia (


A film director on the lookout for a little girl for his next film and a mother who’s ready to take on any adversity to see her girl as a film star make up for an endearing film from one of Italy’s most famous film-makers.

The Spirit of the Beehive (


One of the greatest Spanish language films ever made, Victor Erice’s gem is the tale of a little girl and her fantasy land, the one she drifts into after seeing the film Frankenstein. Just watch it.