While Razer’s Blade series of gaming laptops were not exactly portable because of their weight and thickness, equally, ultrabooks being sold in the markets right now cannot really handle any sort of gaming. But Razer wants to change that in 2016. Which is why, it has made its first ever ultrabook, called the Razer Blade Stealth, and that could seriously disrupt the status quo in the ecosystem.

The Blade Stealth packs in Intel’s latest Core i7 processors, and users can choose between the 12.5-inch QHD or UHD touchscreen display options. The other specs include 8GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB (QuadHD display model) or 256GB/512GB (Ultra HD display model) of ultra-fast PCIe storage, and Intel HD Graphics 520. The ultrabook features two regular USB ports and a new Thunderbolt USB Type-C port for charging the battery and also to connect external monitors and accessories that support the faster data transfer capabilities. It’s also the only laptop out there with individually backlit keys with full RGB colour gamut support—as a gamer, you can really customize the colours and effects on the Blade Stealth’s keyboard. The ultrabook runs on Windows 10.

The thing is, the internal Intel graphics solution won’t cut it for gamers. And that is exactly why Razer has introduced something known as the Razer Core. This is an external graphics card dock that connects to the Blade Stealth via a single Thunderbolt USB Type-C cable, and bumps up the ultrabook into a full-fledged desktop gaming PC in an instant. Razer says the external Core will support virtually every popular graphics card from Nvidia or AMD.

Razer has announced that the Blade Stealth will be hitting shop shelves in the US later this month, with a starting price of $999. However, the company hasn’t revealed any pricing or availability details for the Razer Core.