Lounge Review | Tahaa Spa

Lounge Review | Tahaa Spa

It was Anne’s first day at the Tahaa Spa. A Thai national in her early 20s, she had been a masseur in Bangkok, she tells me in broken English, while preparing for an hour-long therapy for my distressed spine.

A surreal afternoon—right in the middle of a working Wednesday, I rushed to one end of the city for a spa treatment, then returned to meet the day’s deadlines, grinning. Yes, it’s possible in Lounge.

Anne specializes in the Balinese massage, a 72-minute session that involves acupressure, stretching, an aroma oil massage (your choice of oil, from tangerine and lavender) and a steam and shower. The walls of the treatment rooms, each with a built-in sauna and shower room, are painted pristine white. There is little trace of design flourishes, which may not attract some, considering the spas we are familiar with in five-star hotels are known as much for their stylish interiors as what’s on their menu.

The good stuff

Fingertips, knuckles and elbow moved in perfect harmony for the massage that produced a few faint creaking sounds from my neck and back muscles. They were slightly knotted, as my therapist told me later.

The not-so-good

The size of the space could put you off. The three treatment rooms are next to each other, and could make you feel boxed in. It is too concentrated on massages and lacking in elaborate beauty treatments, although a basic spa facial is available.

Talk plastic

Shortened versions of most of the treatments—Express Manicure, Express Foot Therapy and Express Back Massage—are available in the range of Rs300 to 900. The Detox Therapy and the Deep Tissue Work are for Rs2,500. The rest are in the range of Rs900 to 2,200. They are yet to include the Balinese massage on the menu.