What are the main trends in menswear for the office?

There’s a return to the laid-back kind of formal dressing. For summer, suits and jackets are not so heavily constructed and lighter fabrics, such as linen, are being used increasingly. Blazers and suits in grey, blue and black with thin pinstripes are great for the winter.

What kind of shirts get your approval in the office?

Renato Grande

What about evening dressing?

Colours such as grey, black and blue always work. A black suit worn with a black shirt is a mistake. The shirt should be white or coloured. Strong prints and stripes are also out; it’s more about timeless elegance.

When it comes to ties, what are the must-haves?

You need to have the classics—different kinds of diagonal stripes, solid colours such as blue, bordeaux and white. And wearing a striped tie on a striped shirt is not always a mistake. I don’t like too much the current trend for thin, skinny ties. The normal width is much more elegant.

Do you think cufflinks are stylish?

I like cufflinks quite a bit, they’re a personal statement. It’s best if they’re passed down from your grandfather or father, like a piece of family jewellery. They should be worn as a personal style statement, not necessarily to match your outfit. If you’re going to buy some, get the ones that are simple, with not too much shine. Even the plain silk knots are elegant. Cufflinks should not be a very strong statement, they should not look like new money, but should give the idea of being old, classic and discreet.

What’s new at Arrow in the coming season?

We’re expanding the range of men’s suits and adding jackets in corduroy, cotton and linen. They’re attractive to young people and not as formal as other jackets. These jackets, with no lining or not much construction, are becoming more important season after season. We see that our customers want to look stylish even on the weekend, so we’re adding chinos, cargoes and coloured polos in solids and stripes.