Cooking with Lounge | Spring rolls with a twist

Cooking with Lounge | Spring rolls with a twist

Santa Fe Spring Rolls

(Makes five pieces)


50g American cheddar, shredded

50g Indian cheddar, shredded

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50g mozzarella cheese, shredded

100g American corns, boiled

80g black beans, boiled

55g spinach, frozen, blanched and chopped

18g pickled jalapenos, chopped

60g salsa sauce (bottled or home-made)

3 spring-roll sheets

10g garlic in oil

2g cumin powder

1tsp chilli powder

1tsp white pepper powder

1tsp cayenne pepper powder

5g milk and flour paste (for binding)

59g chipotle ranch dressing (optional)

2 tsp tomatoes, blanched and chopped (optional)


Mix the cheese, corn, beans, spinach and jalapenos in a bowl. Add the garlic in oil, cumin powder, chilli powder, cayenne and white pepper powders to the bowl and mix well. Spread the spring roll sheets and fill them with the mixture, approximately 30g to a sheet. Roll and bind the sheets using the milk-and-flour paste on the inner edges. Deep-fry the rolls in very hot oil for 4-5 minutes till golden brown.

If you want, garnish the spring rolls with shredded lettuce, chipotle ranch dressing, black olives, blanched tomatoes and sour cream and served with salsa sauce on the side.