New low-cost laptops launched

New low-cost laptops launched

Leading Taiwan computer maker Asustek Computer Inc. on Tuesday launched a low-cost laptop computer targeting children, the elderly, and low-income users in the developing world.

Asustek described “Eee PC" as easy to work, play and learn. Asustek also aims to attract more general users hoping it could be seen as their second computer. “Basically, we do not define the model as a low-priced computer. Rather, it is armed with innovative cutting-edge technology," said company spokesman Beck Lee. “Hopefully, it would become the second computer of a number of PC users."

The company said the PC was “as easy to operate as any electrical appliance like a toaster or table lamp" with Linux rather than Windows software. Eee PC, powered by an Intel central processing unit and installed with a memory chip of 512MB, and a 7-inch screen, weighs only 890gm.

The model carries a price tag of $337. Three other models of the line will soon be launched for $245.4, $303.7 and $426. AFP