Long live the PS2. Okay, it isn’t dead yet (according to Sony, the company will support it for a few more years), but the end is in sight. These are some of the must-have games for every PS2 owner, if only as a testimony to the wonderful versatility of this machine.

Resident Evil 4

One of the best third-person survival-horror games released on any platform (although the Gamecube version is better looking), RE4 is a brilliant action-adventure game that never lets up the pace. The atmosphere is creepy, the enemies are smart and deadly and the action is of the white-knuckle variety. Add to this extra missions and weaponry that is unlocked when you finish the main game and you have some excellent replay value.

Burnout 4: Revenge

Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007

PC users might be forgiven for thinking that the FIFA series is the best football game series, but the truth is, until FIFA 2007 came along, Pro Evolution soccer was the champ. Both the games are equally good now, but Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007is the definitive title for the PS2. With its realistic ball physics, beautifully rendered stadiums and playing modes,Winning Eleventakes the ball when it comes to addictive gameplay.

God of War 2

The tragic tale of Kratos, as told in God of War, is not one that is easily forgotten by anyone who has played the game. God of War 2 then reprises his role and adds gobs of button-smashing action, new enemies, bigger levels, more weapons and puzzles, to deliver a sequel that is one of the finest third-person action games ever on any console. Beg, borrow, steal—but get this game.


Before Okami came out, Shadow of the Colossus was considered one of the most artistically inspired games on the PS2. Okami, however, had breathtaking visuals that looked nothing like anything before it, but also lavished deep game-play, an engaging story line, extraordinary sound production and a mix of lovably eclectic characters that remained etched in your memory long after you had finished the game. A truly impressive game that pulled out all stops in drawing you into its magical world.

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