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This is British author Alex von Tunzelmann’s first book. An Indophile historian, she goes back to the events that led to the partition of India. While keeping sight of the big picture, she dissects the relationships of the leaders, mainly Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, while stripping them of their larger-than- life personas. She says Gandhi was awe-inspiring as well as exasperatingly eccentric. British viceroy Louis Dickie Mountbatten comes off as a clumsy diplomat and Von Tunzelmann also revisits the relationship between Nehru and Lady Mountbatten. Indian Summer is a book with compelling narrative history as well as juicy details from the personal lives of the leaders of that time.

Indian Summer: By Alex Von Tunzelmann, Simon & Schuster, 480 pages, Rs1,080.

On foreign shores

Three Cups of Tea: By Greg Mortenson, Penguin,349 pages,Rs395.

Divide and rule

The Great Partition: By Yasmin Khan,Penguin, 260 pages,Rs495.

Starry tale

King of Bollywood: By Anupama Chopra,Grand Central Publishing,250 pages, Rs395.

The inside story

Legacy of Ashes: By Tim Weiner, Doubleday, 720 pages, Rs1,046.

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