“Collapsible and modular pieces work well for smaller spaces”

“Collapsible and modular pieces work well for smaller spaces”

I’m very interested in having modular furniture built into my apartment, such as a dining-room table that opens up. What are your thoughts on the topic, and how could I go about having these made?

From your question, it seems you are confusing modular furniture with collapsible furniture. Collapsible furniture can be made to occupy less space when not in use. Modular furniture usually refers to furniture that is designed with standardized units or dimensions, to allow for easy assembly or multiple configurations depending on the space. A dining table that folds open would ideally be categorized into the collapsible category. A coffee table that has four pieces and can be stacked or spread out depending on its use would be considered modular furniture. Collapsible and modular pieces work well for smaller spaces. Depending on the space, or the lack of it, in your apartment, you could source modular furniture from local vendors who import. Some are happy to fabricate these for you as well, although the finish may not be up to the standard of imported pieces. Collapsible furniture, however, usually is custom-built to fit the space correctly.

I have a large terrace and would like to put up a canopy that can fit a daybed under it. What can I do? And is it possible to have one that is retractable?

The ideal solution would be to have an awning installed on your terrace. There are plenty of commercially available awnings—both manufactured locally as well as ones that are imported. There are also some available with wind and sun sensors. Retractable options are also available, but they may require slightly higher maintenance compared with the fixed ones. Awnings, however, would need a vertical support for them to be mounted on; alternatively there is the option of umbrellas (much like garden umbrellas), which may or may not fit a daybed under them, that are mounted to the floor. As always, you could decide the colour of these, depending on the overall aesthetic.

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