Eat Drink SF

San Francisco, US | 1-3 August

Formerly known as SF Chefs, this event promises an experience of the Bay Area’s best food, wine and mixologists, presenting over 200 such stalls over the three days. The city is renowned for its food community comprising farmers, wine makers, artisanal chefs and food writers, and an audience that appreciates all of the above. The event includes chefs’ masterclasses, demonstrations, samplings of food and wine and even competitions. Eat Drink SF supports a lot of local food-related charities and aims to generate zero waste. All paper products and the cutlery—made from corn resin—are composted after use and the organizers urge people to use public transport, walk, bike or carpool to reach the event.

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Pink garlic fair

Lautrec, France | 1-2 August

You might wonder how crazy it should be to have a fair dedicated to garlic. But it is France, and their love for all things food reigns supreme. L’ail rose, or pink garlic, unlike its white counterpart is delicate, subtly flavoured and sweet, is grown in the pretty medieval town of Lautrec in south of France, dedicated to harvesting the crop. This food and wine festival centred on garlic has stalls selling garlic, and garlic based food. This event may not warrant a trip to the south of France, but if you happen to be around these parts in the first week of August, it is well worth exploring.

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‘A Magnificent Taste’ Culinary Event

Chicago, US | 22 August

One of the top summer attractions in Chicago, this outdoor culinary event celebrates the city’s best celebrity chefs and restaurants in style. The event is held on The Magnificent Mile, which is considered to be one of the top 10 hospitality-dining-shopping destinations in the world. Some of the restaurants (and chefs) featured in A Magnificent Taste are Allium (chef Stephen Wambach), Eataly, Magnolia Bakery, Sophie’s at Saks (chef Ron Aleman) and Travelle (chef Tim Graham)

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Copenhagen Cooking

Copenhagen, Denmark | 22-31 August

In the new Michelin-guide Main Cities of Europe 2014, Copenhagen has got 17 Michelin stars for 15 restaurants in total. It is no surprise, therefore, that Copenhagen Cooking, in its 10th edition this year, is considered the leading Scandinavian culinary festival. The festival marries seasonal produce and high-quality dishes. It aims to promote Copenhagen as a top-class gourmet destination. The 100 unique food events include dinner at chefs’ private apartments, jam making workshops in a bramble thicket and a royal banquet meal in the kitchens of a palace.

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The Big Feastival

Cotswolds, UK | 29-31 August

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver knows how to draw in the crowds. Here, he pairs with musician Alex James for a fun family event that combines music and food, set in Alex’s Cotswolds farm. There are music shows, top demos from celebrity chefs, a special menu that people can feast on and the UK’s street foods in the limelight and more. Stalls put up by local producers; cookery classes and also art-craft activities for little kids ensure that they have something lined up for everybody.

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Ganesh Chaturthi

Across India | 29 August-8 September

Celebrating the Hindu god Ganesha, who loves good food, makes this a festival that is guaranteed to satisfy many a sweet tooth. The traditional modak, either steamed or fried has a coconut-jaggery filling. Don’t be surprised to find some couverture chocolate inside, or a savoury one with gourmet cheese filling, in the gourmet-fied modaks of the future. But all’s fun when it comes to the socializing, and binging on the good stuff that gets passed on as prasad or offering to the gods.

A doctor turned nutritional consultant, culinary trainer, food writer and columnist, who’s learning to grow the foods she likes to eat, Nandita Iyer lives in Bangalore and is mom to a five-year-old gourmand son.

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